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Shift The Give - MBCard Supports MBCard will share a protion of their profits back to the Non-Profit/Church of your choice

Are you tired of paying hefty percentage fees for credit card processing? Look no further than
MBCard – a game-changer in the industry that partners with Non-Profits, Churches, and
Businesses to eliminate those burdensome fees.
But that’s not all. MBCard goes above and beyond by sharing 25% of its profits with a Non-Profit
organization of your choice. It’s a win-win situation – you save money while supporting a great
Imagine what you could do with the money you save from eliminating those fees. Whether it’s
investing in crucial programs, expanding your outreach, or channeling those funds into your
mission, MBCard empowers you to make a real impact in your community.
Why choose MBCard?
1. Zero fees – Say goodbye to percentage fees that eat up your hard-earned money. With
MBCard, you keep every dollar of your donations or revenue.
2. Give back – We believe in the power of collective impact. By partnering with MBCard,
you not only save money but also contribute to a Non-Profit organization that aligns with
your values.
3. Processor, Software & Hardware Agnostic – When you partner with MBCard, we take
the time to understand your specific needs and goals. We then leverage our industry
expertise to identify the most suitable service provider for your business or organization.
Whether you require a specific processor, hardware, or software solution, we have you

Don’t let percentage fees hold you back. Embrace a new era of credit card processing that
benefits both you and a Nonprofit organization of your choice. Ready to make a possitive change?

Join us in eliminating fees and supporting a great cause!
Contact MBCard today to get started.
Together ,we can make a difference!

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Who We Are

We are a processor, software and hardware agnostic specializing in assisting businesses find the best solutions for now as well as future growth. We have multiple omni-channel platforms which help businesses with retail locations, Mail order/phone order, e-commerce, mobile payments along with invoicing, pay-by-text, and much more.  We also support the community you care about.  MBCard will donate 25% of our profits back to a Non-Profit/Church or your choice for as long as our client process through us.


MBCard Services

Dual Pricing

Stop paying credit card processing fees and increase your bottom line today.

POS Intergrations

Aloha, Micros, MaîtreD’, Squirrel and many more.

Business Funding

Need cash today get funded tomorrow.

Cloud Solution

Flexibility of cloud solutions for Payments.

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Stop paying credit card fees

Hear what others are saying

The few customers that preferred not to pay the credit card fee didn’t walk away, but instead switched to other forms of payment, such as cash or check.
Olivia in Boston
Boutique Owner
Processing credit cards at 0 cost is the best thing that has happened to my business. The high cost of transaction fees were killing me and eating into my bottom-line, I needed something better. This solution is easy to use and saves me thousands of dollars every year.
David in L.A.
Custon Auto Parts
Every once in a while a customers says, ‘I'll write you a check instead,’ But otherwise there isn’t much reaction from customers – who are informed by a sign that there's a small processing fee for credit card use.
Carla in Seattle
Beauty Salon