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MBCard Does It All

MBCard offers a home for specialty B2B merchants, retail/low risk merchants, as well as merchants interested in using a Cash Discount program.

Why partner with us?



Referring partners:

Partner with MBCard as a referral partner – boost your business for any potential and grow faster and stronger with us – referral partner program allows you to offer your customers a long-term partner for electronic payment processing while building an ongoing monthly revenue stream.

Find a true partner in MBCard

Refer your merchants to a company who cares about building long term relationships.

MBCard can accommodate merchants of any size. We will work closely with you and your clients to determine the best solution to fit individual needs.

We help you reduce costs

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As a leader in the industry with over 35 years of experience we are headed to take care of your referrals every needs. Our leverage means that you can offer clients better equipment, better rates and more billing options we have a competitive compensation structure for all our referral partners.

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