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Dual Pricing



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Tired of paying processing fees?  How would it affect your business and your life to eliminate them?

Introducing Dual Pricing

What is Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing?

Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing is a pricing model that allows merchants to offer a card and a cash price at point of sale. With this approach, customers paying with credit cards will be charged a slightly higher price to account for the processing fees, while customers who pay in cash will pay a lower price thus eliminating the percentage cost to the merchant.

Benefits of Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing

Transparent pricing: Dual pricing allows customers to clearly see the cost associated with different payment methods, promoting transparency and trust.

Eliminate percentage cost on processing fees: Merchants on average save 2.5-3% processing cost increasing their bottom line significantly.

Customizable pricing strategy: Merchants can determine the price difference between cash and credit card transactions based on their unique business needs, maximizing profitability.

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How it Works

Merchants set two separate prices for each product or service they offer: one for cash payments and one for credit card payments. This gives their customer the choice of whether to pay fees.

The higher price for credit card payments covers the cost of processing fees.

Customers paying in cash receive a discount equivalent to the difference between the cash and credit card prices.

The transaction is processed accordingly, and the merchant receives the appropriate payment amount.

Implementing Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing for Your Business

If you’re interested in learning more about Dual Pricing Credit Card Processing for your business, get in touch with our team. We can guide you through the setup process and provide you with the necessary tools and information to start offering dual pricing to your customers.

MBCard’s program makes this easy!

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